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Italy Map Worksheets: Regions & Capitals

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  • 4 map worksheets
  • Answer keys
  • PDF and Canva versions
  • 5 blank maps of Italy (A4 and A5)
  • Immediate download


Here is your Italy map worksheets pack for teaching and learning about Italy! Whether you’re a teacher, parent, or student, these worksheets will equip you with valuable resources to teach or memorize the regions of Italy and their capital cities.

Included in this pack are four carefully designed worksheets for instant download. These readily available PDF files allow for effortless exercise planning with captivating and interactive assignments. No need to wait for shipping! Simply make your purchase, download the files, and print them out!

Each worksheet is centered around a blank map of Italy, enhanced with all details for the tasks at hand. Additionally, we have provided answer sheets for your convenience!

Also, all worksheets come in customizable Canva versions. Whether you prefer to personalize the content, rearrange the layout, or incorporate additional information, these editable versions allow you to tailor the worksheets to your specific needs.

Since practicing with blank maps can greatly enhance the understanding of Italy’s geography, we have additionally included our blank maps of Italy. While these are also available as free single downloads, you will here receive them all as a bonus with one click. These maps serve as excellent resources for labeling Italy’s regions, cities, landmarks, rivers, and more.

Whether you’re teaching in a classroom or at home, our Italy map worksheets pack will be a useful companion! With its comprehensive content, instant accessibility, and customizable options, this pack is a valuable resource for young learners.

So get your Italy worksheets pack now and start teaching about this remarkable country!


  • 4 Italy map worksheets (1 or 2 pages)
  • Answer keys
  • 5 blank maps of Italy (A4 and A5 sizes)


  • Immediate download after purchase
  • PDF files for direct printing
  • Customizable Canva versions
  • No manual download of single Italy blank maps

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