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Printable Blank Map of Jordan – Outline, Transparent, PNG map

Check out the blank map of Jordan and learn drawing the most accurate map of country to get to know the geographical characteristics of Jordan. This map is an ideal source of drawing the map of Jordan even for a beginner who is going to draw it for the very first time.

Jordan is an Arabic country located in the Western Asian region and sharing its border with Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria and Israel etc. Amman is the official capital of the country and is having the largest population base along with the economic centre.

The total population of Jordan is approx 10 million out of which approx 2 million are the refugee. Islam is the main religion of the country as 95% population base of the country belongs to the Islamic population and speaks the Arabic language.

Jordan’s economy is known as one of the lowest economies in the world since the country has widespread unemployment and poverty. Trade and finance are the two core economic pillars of the country which attribute the most in the GDP.

The geography of Jordan is more of landlocked nature and it has a wide range of ecosystems, habitats, etc. The overall geography of the country is considered favorable for living and agricultural activities.

Blank Map of Jordan – Outline

If you are going to draw the map of Jordan for the very first time, then we urge you to take up the blank outlined map of Jordan instead of the plain paper.

Jordan Blank Map Outline


The blank map of the country comes with the outer boundaries and overall shape structure of the country, which makes the act of drawing very easy. You just have to follow up those outlines of map and you will be done drawing the most accurate map of the country.

Printable Map of Jordan

If you don’t like or prefer drawing the map then we have a printable map of Jordan to make your task easier. With this printable map of Jordan, you don’t have to make any efforts to ready the map as this map is readily usable.

Printable Map of Jordan


This map would provide you a complete and quick view of Jordan’s geography which you can use for the study and research purposes as the case may be.

Transparent Jordan Map – PNG

If you want to have the most realistic and in-depth view of Jordan’s geographical characteristics then we urge you to go for the transparent map of Jordan.

This map would provide you the transparent surface of various objects lying in the geography of Jordan such as its landlocked nature,the sea or river surface. You can use such transparent details in the research work.

Transparent Jordan Map Png


Map of Jordan form Practice Worksheet

If you want to test your level of knowledge about the geography of Jordan and conduct the regular practice of drawing the map of the country then our printable worksheet can help you in this regard.

Map of Jordan Form Practice Worksheet


This worksheet is very helpful as the tool of regular practicing the exercise concerning the geographical structure of Jordan. The more you practice the better you would get in knowing the geography of Jordan.

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