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Printable Blank World Map – World Map Blank [PDF]

Do you need a blank world map that you can use for any purpose? Look no further! You can download an empty world map right here and for free! Our outline world map does not contain any labels, so you can use it for whatever purpose. All our maps are available as PDF files, many of them in different sizes.

Blank world maps are a fantastic resource for students who want to learn more about the different geographic features of our planet. As a teacher, you can use them as templates for assignments or worksheets, and they’re also great for personal and professional purposes.

In addition, you can combine any map from this page with our labeled maps of the world in various categories. And our country and continent maps will make your collection complete. So what are you waiting for? Download your free blank world map now!

Blank Outline Map of the World

Our first map is a world outline map that only shows the outer boundaries of the land masses of our planet. An unlabeled world map like this helps school children and other learners to practice and remember specific geographical features.

Blank outline map of the world

Download as PDF (A4)
Download as PDF (A5)

A useful exercise could be to color the different continents in various tones, e.g. North America in blue, South America in red, Africa in yellow and so on. Another activity might be adding continent and country names as well as the names of the oceans of the world. You might also ask your students to draw typical animals or mountain ranges into the map.

Unlabeled Blank World Map

In order to give you more choice, here is another outline blank map of world. Just like all of our other maps, this black and white world map without names is available for free as a PDF file.

World Map Blank Outline

Download as PDF (A4)
Download as PDF (A5)

Simply click on the link below the image to download this unlabeled map of the world. You can also print out the map directly without saving it on your device.

Blank World Map with Countries

If you would like a more detailed outline world map, try our next one! It also includes the location of the major countries of the world and their boundaries.

Blank World Map with Countries

Download as PDF (A4)
Download as PDF (A5)

Blank world maps are widely used as a part of geography teaching and to outline different parts of the world. In order to understand the geography of planet earth, students need to learn about the physical locations of continents, countries, oceans, rivers, lakes, mountain ranges and more. An unlabeled world map is the best practice resource for memorizing these geographical features. Exercises like coloring, drawing or adding symbols to a blank world map enhance the learning process.

Blank World Map to Fill in

Improve the learning experience by combining any blank map from this page with a labeled world map. We also offer free printable maps of continents and single countries. The outline map below is another one that includes international borders.

Blank world map with borders

Download as PDF (A4)
Download as PDF (A5)

Hand it out to your students for coloring or make a world map puzzle by cutting it into pieces. You might also ask them to color particular countries or regions by answering specific questions. For example, your class could mark all the English-speaking countries in the world. Another idea would be to color all the countries of a single continent such as Europe.

Blank Map of the World with Borders

Our next map is another alternative blank world map with borders that can be used for exercises in the classroom as well as for homework assignments, worksheets and quizzes.

Blank World Map

Download as PDF (A4)
Download as PDF (A5)

Of course, all of out maps are also great for homeschooling activities. There are plenty of possibilities with our printable blank maps of the world!

Colored Blank World Map

The map below is a printable world map with colors for all the continents North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, and Antarctica. It also contains the borders of all the countries. However, as the world’s fifth-largest continent – Antarctica – is almost completely covered by ice and does not have any countries on it.

Color Blank World Map

Download as PDF (A4)
Download as PDF (A5)

Further below you will find more blank world maps in different variations.

Printable Blank World Map

Here is another map that only shows the landmasses of our planet without any country borders.

Printable World Map Blank

Download as PDF (A4)
Download as PDF (A5)

While labeled maps are helpful for initial learning, a white map or a blank world map to fill in is particularly useful for repeated practice. Use it to confirm what has been learned or for final testing.

Printable World Map

Download as PDF (A4)
Download as PDF (A5)

All the maps you can download here have been optimized for printing purposes. Just click on a link below any of the images to get your free printable world map. Many of our maps are available in a larger A4 and a smaller A5 format.

Printable Blank Map of World

Below we have another simple outline of world map.

Map of World Blank

Download as PDF

Additionally, we offer many other types of world maps for different purposes and learning objectives. Our free maps can be applied for learning about major volcanoes, the countries with the largest rivers, all the countries of a certain continent, natural resources, oceans, capitals, the Mercator projection and much more.

Printable World Map

Download as PDF (A4)
Download as PDF (A5)

You can use a map of world for practice worksheet for regular practice sessions. It is a perfect option for students, parents and teachers to gain a complete understanding of the world map and learn or teach about geography and everything that can be outlined on world maps.

Blank World Map Worksheet

Here is another printable blank map of the world that you can use for creating worksheets. Such tools help to memorize and verify what has been learned.

Blank World Map Worksheet

Download as PDF (A4)
Download as PDF (A5)

Additional blank political maps can be found on our website. We also provide physical world maps as well as many USA maps.

Printable Blank Map of World

Download as PDF (A4)
Download as PDF (A5)

More Free Maps for Download

Here are a few links to other printable world maps, continent maps and country maps downloadable as PDF files. If the map you need is not listed, please use the search feature on top of this page. You might also want to leave a comment below. Tell us what kind of map you need, and we will try to create it for you.

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