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Political World Map – Printable Map of the World [PDF]

Do you need a political world map showing the political boundaries of countries, states, and regions? Then download your free and printable map of the world from this page! We offer various political world maps with countries, capitals, and major cities. Also, political maps can be found for every country in the world, and they are a valuable tool for understanding the political landscape of our planet.

Enhance your map collection for educational, professional, or personal purposes with the free maps from our site. We offer other world maps with different topical focuses, such as a blank world map or a world map with oceans and seas. Additionally, you can download a free PDF world map for kids or a world map with continents.

If you want to teach your students or kids about the world’s geography, check out our ready-made and fully customizable world map worksheets!

Political Map of the World

On this page, we offer several free printable maps of the world illustrating the political features of planet Earth. A printable world map or a political map of the world can be used for all kinds of teaching and learning activities. Get your map here so your students can get familiar with the sovereign nations of our planet.

Political Map of World

Download as PDF

To download any printable world map from this page, click on the download links below the images. You will then be able to save any political world map printable as a PDF file.

Political Map of the World Blank

This type of printable blank world map can be used for confirming and testing what has been learned. For instance, students can label the empty spaces on the world map with country names. Alternatively, coloring continents or major countries could be a good learning activity. Filling in the details on the printed map helps to improve and remember the locations of all the continents, countries, and borders.

Please also see our blank map of the world post for more variations of a blank political world map.

Political World Map Blank

Download as PDF

The above map depicts the world’s countries and all national borders. It can also be used to mark the names of the oceans and seas.

We provide many more blank maps with continents and country borders for you to download and print free of charge. You will find some useful links at the bottom of this page, but you can also use our search feature.

Printable Map of the World Free

Here is another world political map with countries that you can download in two different sizes in PDF format.

Printable World Map for Free

Download as PDF A4
Download as PDF A5

Printable World Map with Countries

The map of the world below has all countries colored but only includes labels for those with the most extensive territories. You can use it, for example, to have your students add the missing names to the other countries.

Labeled Political World Map

Download as PDF

World Map Printable with Countries

The following map is a free printable world map with labeled countries. It provides detailed information about all regions, oceans, and nations worldwide.

Political World Map with Countries

Download as PDF

This political world map with countries shows numerous details of all the countries and regions. You can print as many copies as you want and use them for informational purposes, teaching, and studying.

World Political Map

If you need a simple map with fewer details, the one below might be the right choice. This political world map with continents still shows all the countries but in a less cluttered way.

Labeled Political World Map

Download as PDF

Free Printable Political World Map PDF

The following world map labeled with countries is similar to the previous one but comes in a relatively sober design. While most countries are labeled, some names are left out.

Free Printable Political World Map

Download as PDF

Any free political map of the world on this page is available free of charge. Additionally, you can find more printable maps in several categories on this website. We have political maps of the world but also North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and Antarctica. Some of the maps show geographical features, others are simple country maps. Any of them is a great resource to teach students about geography and achieve different kinds of learning objectives.

Political Map of the World PDF

Below world map with countries and continents has the country names of the largest states written on the map. Numbers indicate the names of smaller countries. A list at the bottom shows which number corresponds to which country.

Political World Map

Download as PDF

World Map Political Blank

Most of the political world maps here on this page are labeled maps. However, a printable blank world map in black and white can also be an excellent tool for teaching and learning.Political World Map Black and White

Download as PDF

The above black-and-white political map of the world in PDF is specially designed for coloring and labeling. This map reflects only the outline of the land masses of the world, so the students have to add all the features themselves. Such a white map is great for remembering the shapes of the continents without any distracting labels. Make sure you print it out in a large format so there is enough space for labeling.

The following printable world map only has labels for the largest countries and territories.

Labeled Political World Map

Download as PDF

Political World Map Outline

Here is another blank world map political with outlines. This one additionally contains the boundaries of continents and countries, so it is better suited for coloring single territories. It can also be used to mark the locations of cities or rivers. This map can be employed in an exam or test or simply for practice.

Political World Map Outline

Download as PDF

More Free Maps of the World to Download and Print

If you need a different printable world map or other maps in PDF, please find below a selection of useful links. We offer numerous free maps of all the continents and the world’s countries.

Another option is to find a map via our search feature at the top of this page. If you are looking for a particular map that is not available on our site, please feel free to get in touch with us through our contact form. We will provide the desired map as soon as possible.

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