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Printable Blank Map of Yemen – Outline, Transparent, PNG map

Check out the official blank map of Yemen and get to learn the complete geographical structure and boundaries of the country. This blank map can also be used as the hand-drawn full-fledge map of the country.

The Republic of Yemen is basically a Western Asian country, which is also part of the Arab Sovereign State. It shares its borders with Saudi Arabia, Oman, Gulf of Aden, and the Red Sea which is basically a seawater inlet. Sanaa is the official capital and also the largest city of the country, which centralizes the whole country. As per the census of 2018, the estimated population of Yemen is over 28 million people and the official language of the country is Arabic.

Yemen is basically a Muslim majority Nation therefore the largest population base of the country belongs to the Arabic people and then by the Afro Arabs. There was a time when Jewish built a minority in Yemen but later with the discovery of Israel they moved out from Yemen.

Talking about the geography of Yemen which is purely islands based, as there are more than 200 islands in this small size Nation. Red Sea is the major island of the country with a numbers of small islands around the country, which adds divine beauty to the aura of Yemen. With our printable blank maps of Yemen, you can learn the geography of Yemen in a better way. You can find below the several types of printable Yemen maps to serve your specific purpose.

Blank Map of Yemen – Outline

The outlined blank map of Yemen is basically comprised of the outer boundaries of the country and it shows up the overall shape of the country. This kind of map can be very helpful to those users, who are interested in drawing the handmade map of Yemen and are looking for the guiding source.

Yemen Blank Map Outline


Users can print the blank outlined template of blank maps from here to learn drawing the full-fledged map of Yemen.

Printable Map of Yemen

The other types of users are those, who don’t want to dedicate themselves in drawing the map of Yemen on their own, yet they want a full map of the country. We are having a printable map of Yemen for those users, which is readily available to be used right after printing it.

Printable Map of Yemen


This printable map requires no efforts from the user’s end and they can use it to learn the overall geography of Yemen with this fine graphically made printable map of Yemen.

Transparent PNG Yemen Map

The transparent map is a unique kind of map in itself, which is known for providing the utmost clarity of Yemen’s geography to the scholars and other learners. In this map, users can have the inside out clarity of specific objects from the geography of the country.

Transparent Png Yemen Map


For instance, if you want to study any specific island of Yemen in a detailed manner, then this transparent map can provide you with the required details of such an island.

Map of Yemen for Practice Worksheet

The best way of improving the geographical knowledge of Yemen or any other country is to practice the aspects concerning the country’s geography. We are providing this practice worksheet map of Yemen for the same purpose by which users can improve their geographic knowledge.

Map of Yemen Worksheet


This knowledge would assist them in drawing an accurate map of the country.

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