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Printable Blank Map of Zambia – Outline, Transparent, PNG map

Are you looking forward for the blank map of Zambia in order to learn the geography of the country and also to draw a full fledge map of country on the basis of your knowledge, if yes then we are going to help you in serving such purpose of yours.

Zambia is officially known as the Republic of Zambia which is an African nation particularly located in the South Central African continent. Lusaka is the official national capital of the country and English is the official language along with many other local regional languages.

Zambian geography is mainly landlocked as there is hardly any ocean or rivers attached in the territory of the country. The structure of land is filled with mountains, plateaus, hills etc, and the whole country is drained by two main rivers basins and Zambezi rivers.

You can learn about the other geographical aspects of the country with our printable blank map of Zambia. It will provide you the basic knowledge of country or plan your next tour ahead in the country on the basis of such knowledge.

Blank Map of Zambia – Outline

It’s always hard for a beginner to draw the full fledge accurate map of Zambia therefore the user always needs a guiding source. This is the reason that why we have come up with the Zambian blank map outlined version, in which users can witness the outline border structure of country’s map.

This outline map will guide the users in drawing the accurate map of Nation with no hardship.

Zambia Blank Map Outline


Printable Map of Zambia

Check out our printable map of Zambia and learn the quick geography of the country without any delay. This printable map is readily usable which means users don’t have to make extra efforts on drawing it and can directly get it in the use.

Printable Map of Zambia


It is available on a single click and can be shared with other users as well.

Transparent PNG Zambia Map

A transparent variant of the Zambian map is always the best form for those users who want to have in the detailed view of the country’s geography. Using this transparent map users can have the utmost realistic view of every object of the country’s geography, be it the mountainous land of Zambia or its major rivers.

Transparent Png Zambia Map


This map can be printed easily from here and can be used in research work as well.

Map of Zambia for Practice Worksheet

The worksheet of Zambia is an ideal source of practicing the geography of country to get better at knowing the country. If you want to check up your level of knowledge about Zambian geography, then you can take up this practice map worksheet of Zambia for your satisfaction.

Map of Zambia for Practice Worksheet


It can be used across the schools organizations as well for conducting test purposes.

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