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Printable Blank Map of Jamaica – Outline, Transparent, PNG map

Blank Map of Jamaica can guide the geographical scholars in drawing the most accurate map of the country. Further, the map can be used as the source of studying the complete geographical structure of the country. Jamaica is basically an island-based country that is located in the Caribbean Sea and is the third-largest island of the Greater Antilles region. The country shares its border with Cuba, the Dominican Republic, and the territory of British overseas.

Kingston is the official capital and the major city of Jamaica and English is the national language of the country. Further talking about the demography of a country where over 70% of the population is Christian and the rest is without any specific religion. The economy of the country is mixed with the top mining, agricultural, petroleum production, and refinement, tourism, production, etc sectors, which attribute the most to the GDP of the country.

Jamaica is basically a small country that has only two cities namely Kingston and Montego Bay. As the name suggests the country is comprised of islands that cover the outer boundaries of the country while the interior of the country is filled with plenty of mountains.

We urge you to check out our printable blank map of Jamaica’s templates to know more about the geography of this country and being able to draw the official map of the Nation.

Blank Map of Jamaica – Outline

The best way of drawing the map of Jamaica for any beginner is to draw it with the help of a blank Jamaican map. The blank map provides the outer boundaries of the country as the guiding lines by following which you can easily draw the full-fledged map.

This blank outlined map can be offered to the early schooling kids to teach them mapping the shape of Jamaica without making any mistake.

Jamaica Blank Map Outline


Printable Map of Jamaica

Well, if you are not in the mood of making some efforts in drawing the map of Jamaica, yet you want the decent map of the country then you should go for our printable map of Jamaica.

This printable map is readily usable without any as such additional work and by this map, you can have a quick overview of Jamaica. You can print this map from here on a single click and then use it for your school assignment or explore the political boundaries of Jamaica.

Printable Map of Jamaica


Transparent PNG Jamaica Map

We have this special transparent Jamaican map for all of those users, who want to enjoy the in-depth and most realistic view of the country’s objects. Jamaica is filled with the numbers of islands and mountains, which you can see in transparent mode using this transparent map.

In the transparent mode, you will be able to witness the utmost clarity of all the objects lying on the geographical surface of Jamaica.

Transparent Png Jamaica Map


Map of Jamaica for Practice Worksheet

If you are having any exam about the geography of Jamaica and want to prepare for the exam in the best way possible, then you should get our practical worksheet of Jamaica’s map.

Map of Jamaica for Practice Worksheet


Using this worksheet you can practice the learned knowledge of Jamaica’s geography. This worksheet can be used as the test papers in schools to conduct Jamaica’s geographical exam. 

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