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Printable Blank Map of Vanuatu – Outline, Transparent, PNG Map

If you are interested in learning to draw the geography of Vanuatu then check out our blank Map of Vanuatu, which would provide you with a deeper insight into the geography of this country.

Vanuatu or the Republic of Vanuatu is an Island-based country that is forming its part in the Southern Pacific Ocean. The country shares its border with New Caledonia, Solomon Island, New Guinea, and then Fiji at last.

Port Vila is the official capital of Vanuatu and also the most important or major city of Nation. There are several official languages spoken in Vanuatu such as French, Bislama, and English in accordance to the discretion of native people.

Vanuatu being the Island-based country is having over 82 small islands due to which the land surface of the country is very limited. There is only 9% of land area in the country which is available for agricultural activities since the soil of the island is highly unstable.

Further talking about the economy of Vanuatu which is primarily based on Agricultural, finance, tourism sectors which attribute the major part of the country’s GDP. Vanuatu is probably the only country that sells citizenship to other individuals and allows becoming a permanent citizen of the country.

Blank Map of Vanuatu – Outline

If you are just beginning to learn the geography of Vanuatu and want to draw the full-fledge map of this country, then our blank outlined map of this country can guide you in the process.

This map provides the complete raw structure about the outer borders of country and you can draw the full map of this Nation by following those outlines. The map is suitable for the school kids who want the basic interface of Vanuatu’s map.

Vanuatu Blank Map Outline


Printable Map of Vanuatu

If you are not willing to draw the map of Vanuatu on your own, yet want to have access to a fully readily usable map of the country then we have this printable map for your consideration.

This map can be easily printed on one single click by any random users, who want to learn the geography of Vanuatu or want to just explore the country. You can share this map with other individuals as well so that they can also get a decent map of the country without making extra efforts.

Printable Map of Vanuatu


Transparent PNG Map of Vanuatu

Vanuatu is a beautiful island country and if you want to have in depth view of its islands then we recommend you using the transparent map of the country. In this transparent map you can have the transparent view of all its objects, whether it is the islands or other such objects.

This transparent map can be extremely useful in conducting the research on the different geographical characteristics of country.

Transparent Png Map of Vanuatu


Map of Vanuatu for Practice Worksheet

Well, if you want to check your scale of knowledge regarding the geography of Vanuatu then you should try our practice worksheet of Vanuatu map. This practice worksheet will keep you in the regular touch of Vanuatu’s geography by asking you to answer some geography-related questions of the country. The worksheet is also useful for the school going kids, as the part of their regular practice session of geography classes.

Map of Vanuatu for Practice Worksheet


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