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Printable Blank Map of Iraq – Outline, Transparent, PNG map 

If you want to learn drawing the geography or map of Iraq as a beginner then you should definitely resort to the blank map of Iraq, which will guide you thoroughly to draw the complete map of the country.

Iraq or the republic of Iraq is a Western Asian country that is sharing its border with Kuwait, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Syria. Baghdad is the largest city and official capital of Iraq from where the whole country is centralized.

The population of Iraq is approximately 38 million and out of the 99% are the Muslim majority, which makes Iraq as one of the most leading Muslim nations in the world. Arabic and Kurdish are the two major languages spoken across the country.

Iraq is basically the dessert nation with nearly 2 fertile rivers and just like other dessert nations then the economy of Iraq is mainly dependent on oil petroleum. The country exports a significant fraction of oil in the international market for its economic survival and growth.

We are going to provide the printable blank outlined maps of Iraq to our guests and regular readers which will enable them to understand the geography of the country in a good manner. Using this blank map template the users can also learn drawing the full-fledged map of Iraq.

Blank Map of Iraq – Outline

If you are finding it hard to draw the map of Iraq for your school assignment or just for the sake of understanding the geography of the country, then you should check out our blank outlined map of Iraq.

In this map, you will basically see the outer boundaries of the structure of Iraq and you just have to follow up those boundaries to draw the map of Iraq.

This outlined map of Iraq is completely user friendly, by which anyone can easily draw Iraq’s map and it can be used across the educational institutions as well.

Iraq Blank Map Outline


Printable Map of Iraq

Well, if you are not at all interested in drawing the map of Iraq on your own, then we have another option available for yourself which is offering our printable map to you.

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Yes, with our printable map of Iraq you don’t have to make any efforts of drawing, as it is already drawn and readily usable map of the country. You just have to click on it once in order to print it for your reference and moreover you can share it with other users as well.

Printable Map of Iraq


Transparent PNG Iraq Map

Well, there are some users who are indulged in the research or in exploration domain and therefore they want to have the decent clarity even for the surface of the object.

We have fully transparent Iraq’s map for those individuals which provide fully realistic view to the users, so that they can easily have the full view for the surface of the objects.

With this map you can study all the major objects lying in the geographic structure of Iraq such as its dessert,oil well, few rivers etc.

Transparent Png Iraq Map


Map of Iraq for Practice Worksheet

We are having the decent collection of several printable worksheet of Iraq’s map, which can be ideally used across the educational institutions to test the knowledge of students about the geography of Iraq.

Map of Iraq Worksheet


The worksheet is filled with some basic questions concerning the geography of Iraq and any scholar, who possess decent knowledge about the geography of country can easily solve the worksheet. You can get the printable form of this worksheet for your practice purpose.

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