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Printable Blank Map of Suriname – Outline, Transparent, PNG map

Blank map of Suriname can help and guide the scholars in learning the geographical characteristics of the country and then drawing the full fledge accurate map to test their knowledge. The Republic of Suriname or just the Suriname is a South American country.

Suriname is located primarily in the Atlantic coast of the country. It shares its border with the Atlantic Ocean, Guiana,and Brazil and is the smallest sovereign state of the continent.

Being, the small Nation it has the population base of just approximately 60000 people. Paramaribo is the official capital of the country and also the major city region whereas Dutch is the official language of the country.

Suriname has the wide forested geographical region, as the country is having the tropical characteristics. The country suffers heavily with climate change issues. This forested region helps it to cope with these challenges.

Northern Lowland area of the country is used mainly for agricultural activities, as it has most of the country’s fertile land. Southern part is comprised of the rainforest region which contains the significant land area of the country.

The economy of Suriname is backed by its export as the country is having rich sources of many natural resources such as petroleum, Bauxite, Gold, etc, which are the core pillars of its GDP.

In the agricultural sector, rice and bananas are the main crops of the country which are also exported to the international market.

Further, talking about the demography of Suriname which is known as the highly diversified country in this context. There is no particular community in country that can be considered as major rather you can find the small group of demography in this Nation.

Afro Surinamese is the ethnic group that accounts for more than 37% population of Suriname. You can consider it as the major ethnic group of the country. Another ethnic group is comprised of East Indians and the Dutch Europeans. That Populations are living as descendant workers in the country for ages.

Blank Map of Suriname – Outline

The majority of scholars often find it very hard to draw an accurate map of country due to its outer borders which render the ultimate shape to any country. If you are finding it hard to draw an accurate map of Suriname. Then you have an option of checking out our printable blank map outlined template of Suriname. This Map will guide you through in drawing an accurate map without facing any difficulty.

Blank Map of Suriname


Printable Map of Suriname

Well,with our printable map of Suriname users can have the instant access of this country’s geography. If you are a teacher then you can use this map for teaching purpose just by printing this template from here.

Being the readily usable map it can be used by all kinds of users across the different kinds of usages.

Printable Map of Suriname


Transparent PNG Suriname Map

If you want to witness the ultimate beauty of this small island size Nation then you should consider having the close-up look of country’s geography. That is best possible by our transparent PNG map of Suriname.

In this map users can have the most realistic view of different objects lying in country. This map is considered best in the research work where users tend to have in depth analysis of geography.

Transparent Png Suriname Map


Map of Suriname Practice Worksheet

This Practice Worksheet will enhance you knowledge about the Suriname geography if you will use routine exercises.

Map of Suriname Practice Worksheet


So,if you want to enhance or check your level of knowledge then you should better go for the Suriname map worksheet. If you want to know about Suriname’s geography you can use these images.

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