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Printable Blank Map of Australia – Outline Map, Transparent, PNG Map

Download from this page your template of a blank map of Australia or outline map of Australia for studying and learning or teaching about the geography of Australia.

The island nation of Australia is officially known as the Commonwealth of Australia and located on the continent with the same name. The Australian continent also contains Tasmania and others smaller islands. The country’s national capital is Canberra and the population of Australia is about 26 million (in 2022).

Australia is the world’s largest island and surrounded by the Indian and Pacific Oceans. The sixth largest country of the world is known for its unique geographic features, which include everything from rainforests and beaches to deserts and mountains.

Some of Australia’s most notable landmarks and sights include Uluru (formerly known as Ayers Rock), the Great Barrier Reef, and the Sydney Opera House. Uluru is a large sandstone rock formation in the southern part of the country, while the Great Barrier Reef is the world’s largest coral reef system. The Sydney Opera House is one of Australia’s most iconic buildings and is located in the harbor of Sydney which is the largest city in the country.

What Is a Blank Map of Australia and What Can You Use It For?

A printable blank map of Australia is a useful tool for educators, students, and travelers. The map can be used for teaching about the Australian geography, including the country’s major cities, rivers, and mountain ranges. In particular, learners can draw these geographical features into the blank map in order to practice and deepen their knowledge.

A printed blank map of Australia also serves as a coloring page for kids to learn about the different states and territories. It encourages the creativity of children and makes learning more fun. Finally, a blank map might be used to plan a trip or track one’s progress during a journey.

Australia Blank Map Outline

Our first map is a simple outline map of Australia which only shows the outer boundary of the main part of the country. Tasmania and other islands are not included in this empty map.

Australia Blank Map Outline

Download as PDF

How to Download a Printable Blank Map of Australia

You can either save the image of the desired map or simply click on the download link under the image. This will open a PDF version of the relevant map in a new browser tab. You then have the option to save the PDF file on your device and print it out.

Free Printable Blank Map of Australia

The map below shows Australia and all its inner borders between states and territories. This printable blank map with state and territory borders is a great tool for coloring and memorizing the names and locations of the political subdivisions of Australia.

Printable Blank Map of Australia

Download as PDF

Additionally, any blank map can be used as a starting point for classroom activities and discussions about the country’s culture, history, people or economy. It can facilitate a complete geography learning experience and make the entire process more engaging and memorable.

What Are the States of Australia?

The six states of Australia are Western Australia, South Australia, Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania. The three territories comprise the Northern Territory, the Australian Capital Territory and the Jervis Bay Territory.

Transparent PNG Australia Map

Our next map is another outline map which now also includes the island of Tasmania.

Transparent PNG Australia Map

Download as PDF

The island of Tasmania lies about 150 miles (240 kilometers) south of the Australian mainland. Apart from the main island, the state of Tasmania includes another 1,000 minor islands.

Blank Map of Australia Practice Worksheet

The next map is a simple Australia map outline with the country’s state borders.

Blank Map of Australia Practice Worksheet

Download as PDF

This is another map that can easily be used for a practice worksheet about Australia.

Additional resources about Australia

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There are many quality maps to choose from. So go ahead and download your Australia maps now!

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