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Free Blank Map of Denmark with Regions and Cities [PDF]

Are you looking for a blank map of Denmark? You’ve come to the right place! On this page, you will find various free and printable blank maps of Denmark in PDF. Get your outline map of Denmark now!

There are six blank maps of Denmark available. No matter your needs, you can find the perfect Denmark blank map for your purpose. Any of them will help to learn or teach the geography of this fascinating Scandinavian country.

Also, check out our free labeled map of Denmark with regions to complete your resources!

Outline Map of Denmark

Denmark is one of three autonomous constituencies that comprise the Kingdom of Denmark. The other two parts are the Faroe Islands and Greenland. Also, Denmark is part of Scandinavia, sharing close cultural, linguistic, and historical ties with Norway and Sweden. In the broader sense, Finland, Iceland, and the Faroe Islands can be considered Scandinavian countries, too.

Here is an outline map of Denmark only showing its outer boundaries:

Outline Map of Denmark

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Denmark is the smallest nation in the north of Europe. As of 2023, it has a population of 5,9 million. Nonetheless, Denmark is a very well-developed country with a high standard of living. The country is renowned for its education, health, and government systems. The culture and societal structure have proven in international indexes to come out on top for happiness and productivity levels.

Denmark has taken part in the process towards European unity since 1973, when it joined the European Economic Community. Today, the country is one of 27 member states on the map of the EU.

Blank Map of Denmark with Regions

Denmark is divided into five principal regions, which you will find in our next map.

North Jutland, also known as Nordjylland, is the northernmost territory of Denmark. It is famous for some of Denmark’s largest forests, including Rold Skov and Rebild Bakker. The area has many wildlife and bird reserves, making it the wildest of the five regions.

Central Jutland, or Midtjylland, is located in the heart of Denmark. Aarhus is the second-largest city in Denmark, and Herning is known for its textile industry. Aarhus is a cultural hub with numerous museums, galleries, and festivals. Central Jutland is home to Legoland.

Southern Denmark, or Syddanmark, is located in the southern part of the Jutland peninsula and on the island of Funen. It is the second-largest agricultural area in Denmark, with vast fields of wheat, barley, and rapeseed. Known for the iconic Egeskov Castle and the historic towns of Kolding and Ribe.

Blank Map of Denmark with Regions

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Zealand, or Sjælland, is Denmark’s largest island and is home to the capital city, Copenhagen. It has the most diverse landscape of the localities with beaches, farmland, forest, and cityscape. The island is connected to mainland Denmark by several bridges and tunnels. Copenhagen is one of Europe‘s most vibrant and cultural cities, with world-class museums, galleries, and architecture.

The Capital Region, or Hovedstaden, is the smallest of Denmark’s regions but the most densely populated. This region encompasses the Greater Copenhagen area and is famous for its edgy architecture, restaurants, museums, castles, and the royal palace of Amalienborg.

Even though each territory has its unique distinctions, Denmark’s five regions also have common ground regarding geography and characteristics. One of the most impressive is that most of the country lies only 34 meters above sea level, making it one of the lowest-lying countries in the world!

Denmark does not have mountains, with the highest geographic elevation reaching at most 170 meters. The country’s landscape is primarily flat, with rolling hills and sandy beaches found from end to end. This geography lends itself to agricultural production, which thrives throughout the country. In addition to agriculture, manufacturing, fishing, and shipping are the major contributors to the country’s economy.

The following map outline is a blank map of Denmark with neighboring countries, which you can use to teach or learn about northern Europe and Scandinavia.

Blank Map of Denmark with Neighboring Countries

Denmark shares one land border with another country, Germany. Historically, the southern part of Denmark and the northern part of Germany have blended, as border lines were drawn and redrawn throughout the ages. Today, there is a large Danish minority in the German state of Schleswig-Holstein and a German minority in the South Jutland.

Blank Map of Denmark with Neighboring Countries

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Apart from the border with Germany, Denmark is connected to Sweden by a bridge-tunnel across the Øresund Strait in the east. Most of the boundaries of Denmark are defined by water, as seas surround it on three sides. To the west, Denmark is bordered by the North Sea, while the Baltic Sea lies to the east. The Skagerrak Strait, which separates Denmark from Norway, lies to the north.

We also offer a blank map of Norway to enhance your map collection of Scandinavian countries.

Denmark on Map of Europe

Here is a simple map that answers the question: Where is Denmark on the map? We created it with the help of a tool called MapChart.


Denmark on Map of Europe

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You can use the above map to quickly find out or demonstrate where Denmark is located on a map of Europe. Additionally, you could combine exercises using this map with our Europe map worksheets.

Where is Denmark on the World Map?

Here is a similar printable map of Denmark that shows the location of Denmark on the world map. This map was made with MapChart as well.

Denmark on World Map

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Depending on the definition and source, Denmark is the world’s 131st, 130th, or 133rd largest country. It is similar in size to other European countries like Switzerland, the Netherlands, or Estonia. Compared to US states, this corresponds approximately to the size of Ohio, Virginia, or Tennessee.

Blank Map of Denmark with Region Capitals

The following outline of Denmark map highlights the region capitals. This is a helpful map when studying the administrative structure of the country.

Listed below are the capitals of the five regions of Denmark and their population as of 2022:

  1. Aalborg (North Jutland) – 216,091
  2. Aarhus (Central Jutland) – 353,845
  3. Odense (Southern Denmark) – 205,225
  4. Copenhagen (Capital Region) – 633,565
  5. Roskilde (Zealand) – 56,291

Blank Map of Denmark with Region Capitals

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Download as PDF (A5)

An empty map can be filled with a lot of information. For example, you or your students can use a Denmark blank map to learn the location of the main cities or the names of rivers, landmarks, and other features. Simply download it, print it, and use it for any learning activities in the classroom or at home.

Blank Map of Denmark with Cities

Our next and final Denmark outline map is also our most detailed one. It includes some larger cities and towns besides region borders and capitals.

Blank Map of Denmark with Cities

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Download as PDF (A5)

All cities and towns of Denmark have their own personalities based on their location, the primary industry, and their population, of course. Below, you can find out something about each city, as they are grouped by their regions.

North Jutland:

  • Frederikshavn: fishing industry, gateway to Læsø
  • Aalborg: fourth largest city, nightlife, Aalborg Zoo

Central Jutland:

  • Hirtshals: fishing port, ferry terminal to Norway and the Faroes
  • Viborg: Viking Age history, Viborg cathedral
  • Aarhus: second largest city, cultural scene, old town, Viking museum
  • Vejle: fjord, gateway to Legoland

South Denmark:

  • Kolding: historic town, Koldinghus Castle, old town
  • Odense: third largest city, Hans Christian Andersen’s birthplace, museums
  • Esbjerg: fishing industry, gateway to Wadden Sea National Park


  • Hillerød: Frederiksborg Castle, Danish Museum of National History
  • Roskilde: Roskilde Cathedral, annual Roskilde Festival
  • Copenhagen: national capital and largest city, with beautiful architecture, museums, and Tivoli Gardens

Capital Region of Denmark:

  • Helsingør: Kronborg Castle, inspiration for Shakespeare’s tragedy “Hamlet”

The Denmark country outline maps are great for anyone who wants to know more about this small but mighty Scandinavian country.

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